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The purpose of this blog is to document the process and progress of my graduate thesis.  I hope that the information I post here will be challenging and challenged as well.  I invite you to question, comment, and critique.

About the author:

David Salamon has been investigating the intersections between sustainability and architecture since 1994 when as an art student at Temple University he serendipitously found a magazine article about Michael Reynolds and his off-grid houses called Earthships.  By 1995 David and his partner Margaret were living in Taos, New Mexico and learning to build Earthships.  Fifteen years, their own Earthship, a daughter, 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 cars, 1 truck, 1 motorcycle (1967 BSA), 2 degrees, 2 different towns, a few different jobs and career paths and a great many wonderful friends dearly missed later, Margaret and David are back in Philadelphia where David is working on a two-year Master of Architecture degree with a certificate in Ecological Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania.   He will graduate in May, 2013.

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